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Senior Photos

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

I feel so energized and excited when taking senior photos. There is something so special about this time to me - and I aim to capture everything that makes each senior unique, and the memories they want to cherish into their adult life.

For this session, I traveled up to MA from CT to photograph my voice student of the last 3.5 years. Claire is an incredible human being and she has a *very* bright future. Her calm nature and dedication to everything she does is really quite inspiring.

I brought to her my suggestions for the session, some images in front of her childhood home and some on the track in her Marblehead High School running uniform, and the iconic Chandler Hovey Park which is filled with beautiful ragged cliffs and calming ice-blue sea water. She loved these ideas, and she added one request to try out the trails behind her house. We had four locations planned, and one that we added in impromptu along the way! The carnival that comes to the beach every year was set up and running - and it made an ADORABLE backdrop. Truthfully, most of my favorite images come from these unplanned moments in my sessions (though I'm not sure if I can pick a favorite from Claire's session)!

1 Senior. 1 photographer. 3 outfits. 1 pop up changing tent. 5 locations. 90 minutes. Plenty of fun and creativity.

Class of 2022, even if you've already walked or you are about to walk - it's not too late to capture this time in your life! Class of 2023, let's book your ideal date NOW and start our planning sessions!

>LASTLY< I came back to Claire's house prior to leaving for Graduation and snapped a couple images in her gown. If your senior session takes place before you get your cap and gown, I will gladly schedule a second quick session with your cap and gown!

*As with all my sessions, these images are posted with permission*

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