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Branding Images

Updated: May 28, 2022

Holly Cameron, Real Estate Diva, has been a long term client (and dear friend) of mine. She has used these images for her marketing efforts on social media and in printed mailings to her client base.

What is a branding session like? Typically 45-60 minutes in length, I suggest a location based on *your* branding. I will go through a series of questions with you in regard to your work and your branding- the more clarity and direction you have the better! For Holly, our first session, she needed a mix of formal and every day images, plus a headshot to be used for her business cards. Because she was transitioning from being based in Boston to Marblehead, we utilized the picturesque old town area of Marblehead as a back drop. These images have been used in various marketing campaigns to appeal to the local clientele. We also had a quick winter / holiday session in 2021 for her social media and marketing needs.

When we work together for a branding session, I will ask questions like:

  • What do you intend to use these photos for? Website images? Print images? Social media posts?

  • What is your "why" behind your work? Why do you love doing what you do, in other words.

  • Do you have any specific "props" you use in your daily work? Most people today are at least using their cell phones, computers and perhaps a journal and pen - having a few images in "work mode" are fantastic for websites and social media posts!

  • Do you have multiple practice areas? If so, we likely will want to capture aspects of each of them!

  • What is it about you and your work that you want your clients to say about you after the fact? Or what is it you intend to do for your clients through your work?

  • What are some adjectives that describe your work/ business?

  • Do you have any color schemes established for your marketing materials? If not, let's come up with some that speak to you (I can point you to some resources for this!)

  • Do you prefer to have an urban feel, or would you like to have a nature-only backdrop? Or maybe a mix of both?

  • Formal or informal?

  • Have you seen any images that you want to emulate? While we won't be able to copy it exactly, it's good to have some examples to start from as inspiration.

I will also provide you with my "What to wear/ How to prepare" deck as a way to guide what you will plan to wear. My #1 suggestion is to be comfortable. If you are restricted in movement at all, you will have less freedom to create and improvise with me during the shoot.

I also always recommend recognizing your strengths when it comes to preparation - are you a wiz at make up? Is hairstyling a challenge? Would you describe your outfits to be "thoughtfully curated" that emulate your personal style?

A branding session is not only an investment of your money but also your time. It's worth taking the time to discuss outfit ideas with me, or possibly a stylist if you so desire! It's my hope that you see the final images and fall in love with them! These investments will help ensure you love every aspect of the final product.

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