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  • What should I wear?
    First and foremost - be comfortable. Consider the weather and if we are outside, dress for that! You'll be surprised how fast cold can feel cold or hot can feel hot. Suddenly an hour feels like an eternity when you can't feel your fingers! Bring a garment bag with layers that can be changed into easily without privacy. Neutral tones - earth tones / black / grey are ideal - if you want to add in colors think soft/deep reds, teals/turquoises, greens, purples, and blues. Footwear: consider if we are walking! Again, stay comfortable! To ensure we are most efficient trying to walk in uncomfortable shoes will slow us down.
  • Do you offer payment programs?
    To secure your time, I require half of the session fee upfront. The other half is due at the time of the shoot. Payments can be made in form of Cash, Paypal or Venmo.
  • What if I want more than the total number of photos included in my session?
    You can always purchase additional photos! We can discuss costs associated with extra photos should you want more.
  • Where are you based? Do you travel?
    I am based in Wethersfield, CT. I have traveled for photoshoots throughout Massachusetts, Vermont, and NY- don't let distance deter you from reaching out!
  • Can I get final images without edits? Won't that just be easier?
    While I wish I could say yes to this, I cannot deliver on this request. While it is my ultimate goal as a photographer to spend less time editing and more time shooting the image to be as close to the final product as possible, the final image is still my art work. And, there may be slight edits that need to be made in order for the product to be delivered to you (and therefore seen out in the world) as I envision it. If you are in need of something urgently we can discuss ways to get you a faster turn around time.
  • How long after my shoot do I need to wait until I get my photos?
    Depending on how long your shoot is, it could take me 1-2 weeks to cull through and deliver the proofs. Editing time will add another 1-2 weeks once you have confirmed your final choices.
  • I'd like Senior Photos for my soon to be graduate.  Can I also sneak in their siblings for a quick family shot?
    Congratulations on the upcoming graduation - and I'm honored you'd like to work together on senior photos! Adding in more people adds a new element to the process. If you would like to do a combo session of both senior and family photos, I'd be happy to discuss a change in rates with you.
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