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Portrait Mini Sessions

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

There is such a thing as "photo fatigue." Have you ever been in an event where you just reached the point where you were DONE having your photos taken? For some people, there are a few major life events that tend to leave us feeling like we never want to have our photos taken again.

Most of my sessions tend to last about an hour to 75 minutes. And, this is exactly the reason why. There's a sweet spot, after about the first five minutes, where for a while everything is going really well, we are improvising and creating art together and then suddenly - BAM - the subject is done. This tends to happen right around that hour or a little after mark.

One way to ensure you don't reach this fatigue in a session, or for anyone strapped for time in their life, or even as a cost effective option is to attend one of my mini session days. I will occasionally hold a "mini session" day where I schedule multiple people back to back. Everyone gets 20 minutes of shooting time - and we do the same prep-work together as we would for a full individual shoot.

In the spring of 2022 I had a portrait mini session day in Boston near the reflection pool at the Christian Science Center. I love the textures and light in this space! This is a GREAT location for headshots or branding images. The key item I like to remind people is that 20 minutes goes FAST. Simplicity in clothing choices will be what enables us to get the most done. IF you need to have a change in clothing, let it be something along the lines of: adding an accessory or taking one away (like a blazer, leather or denim jacket, sweater, scarf, hat, glasses, etc.). Something that can be done in about 15-30 seconds. Mini shoots are FAST, but they are fun! And as you can see they still produce a number of fantastic final images.

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