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Maternity - Outdoors and Boudoir

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Evan and I have been great friends for, oh dear me, almost 13 years now? Needless to say, the moment she found out she was pregnant (and with TWINS) I asked if she would do me the honors of being my first Maternity client. I absolutely LOVED this entire experience of capturing her in her early pregnancy stage with her husband and their dog, Gavi. 3 soon to be 5 and living in beautiful Vermont. Evan chose this location, and boy did she choose well. The rolling hills, dirt road, open spaces and the mountain that they live on in the far distance made for some pretty incredible perspectives. While we were shooting I also jokingly asked her if she may have any interest in a boudoir shoot at home - and she was game! Everything about this experience was so beautiful and I hope to do MANY more maternity shoots.

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